2:00PM – 4:00PM Wednesday, 20 May
Room: Exhibit Hall 6

Co-Chairs: Monica C de Baca and Jason Stilwell

WEPC: RF Nanotechnology
WEPD: Non-linear Circuit and System Analysis, Simulation and Design
WEPF: Passive Circuit Elements
WEPG: Microwave Acoustic, Ferrite, Ferroelectric and Phase Change Components
WEPH: MEMS Components and Technologies
WEPJ: High Power Amplifiers
WEPK: Millimeter-Wave and THz Components
WEPM: Microwave Photonics
WEPN: Mixed Mode and Digital Signal Processing Circuits and Systems
WEPQ: Biological Effects and Medical Applications
WEPR: Wireless and Cellular Communication Systems
WEPS: Sensors and Sensor Systems
WEPT: High Power Microwave Industrial Applications
WEPV: 3D Printed RF and Microwave Components
WEPX: Wearable Electronics and RF/MMW Technologies for Internet of Things (IOT)

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