1:00PM – 3:00PM Thursday, 21 May
Room: Exhibit Hall 6

Co-Chairs: Jason Stilwell and Monica C de Baca

THPA: Time- and Frequency-Domain EM Analysis Techniques
THPB: Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
THPC: CAD Algorithms and Techniques
THPD: Planar Passive Filters and Multiplexers
THPE: Non-planar Passive Filters and Multiplexers
THPF: Active, Tunable and Integrated Filters
THPH: Signal Generation
THPK: HF, VHF and UHF Technologies and Applications
THPL: CMOS and GaAs Power Amplifier Devices and Circuits
THPM: GaN and Doherty Power Amplifiers and Design Techniques
THPP: Arrays as Antennas and Power Combiners
THPQ: Radar and Broadband Communication Systems
THPR: RFID Technologies
THPS: Wireless Power Transmission
THPT: RF Devices for Wireless Health Care Applications and Biosensing
THPU: New Technologies and Innovative System Applications

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